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I got the containers May 14, 2009

I needed few containers which can be put up in the space which gets nice and direct sunlgiht but unfortunately covered by concrete in the form of boundary wall foundation and storm water drain. Human is always greedy for more 🙂
So, I was on the look out for economical containers in good numbers which can be put on these two places. I had enguired with few nurseries and at Lalbagh. The average cost for a decent size container was some where around Rs. 100/-.
I had to get them quickly, so that those can be filled with the red soil before the garden contractor from the builder side is gone. My guess was it’s always going to get more difficult to get the soil filled up in the container after that.

Finally, yesterday I found the gold mine. Builder was selling off the old/used paint containers to one guy. And it so happened, I reached the right place at the right time, or so i think till now 🙂 I bought few of those containers… Here are they seating pretty in my garden, waiting to be filled up with soil.

Containers seating pretty on the boundry foundation wall and gladiolus bulbs

Containers seating pretty on the boundry foundation wall

I bought all of 20 pcs for 1k, not a bad bargain i guess, given that these containers are huge in size and can have fairly large plants in them. Very happy at this development. Next i’ll try to get few rectangular cement pots, for putting on  the storm water drain, normally available with the road side vendors around hsr layout. They too cost around Rs. 100/- each.

Apart from these development, here is an update from my Garden. Spinach (or is it coriander ??) have started sprouting. Papaya is shedding it’s bottom 2 leafs and two new leafs are coming up 🙂 My mom is very excited about this. As kids we had a papaya plant in our front yard which use to give plenty of vegetable for her curries. She has fond memories of those. So, she insists i plant one more of papaya plant and i’ll oblige soon.

The jasmine i had bought from the nursery is in full bloom. 6 gladiolus bulbs which i had bought from Lalbagh last weekend for 60 rs and out of which one was rotten have also been placed properly in front area of drawing room. In the interim 4 days I had placed them in the plastic glasses, and surprisingly today while planting them in soil I observed they already have roots.

Gladiolus Bulbs goes there

Gladiolus Bulbs goes there



That’s it for now. More updates will follow



3 Responses to “I got the containers”

  1. Im really inspired by your site and the way gardening is done in pots , as i live in Sagar in MP , very hot and a small town and we have duplex house with no garden area left , i have plans of trying ur tips on my terrace .

    thanks for all the info shared !

    Warm regards

  2. rajapanda Says:

    Hi Madhu,

    Nice to hear from you. You can surely try growing in pots too.
    See you around.


  3. Few plants are as popular in the world as the gladioli. They are seen everywhere in florists shops and stay long as cut flowers. They grow in a wide spectrum of climates except where it is very humid or very cold; sunshine is necessary for them to flower.

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