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Visit to Dept of Horticulture & introduction of medicinal plants in KG May 26, 2009

Working to prepare a garden from scratch is surely a lovely experience and am only a beginner in the field of gardening. So, the idea of visiting new nurseries, seed stores etc. are very inviting..

I have been greatly inspired by one blogger in his experiments with container gardening and inspired by his visit to Department of Horticulture, Hulimavu, I had made up my mind to make a visit there someday.

Finally I could make it there on May 20th (Took a day off from the work;) ).

I went there along with my mother, she is an avid plant lover (Being from the Adivasi Hinterland of Orissa has its effect), and in my heart I knew she would love to visit this place…

Department of Horticulture,Hulimavu is just few meters before the Meenakshi temple, beside the Cocunut Development Board, if one is approaching it from bannerghatta road. It’s easy to miss it, as there are no big eye catching billboards or crowd, very unlike a lalbagh for example.

We made an registry entry with the security at the main entrance and he instructed us to drive down 0.5 kms down the road to the main office. Both sides of this driveway are chiku orchards and many a green houses.

I wanted to buy few seeds of few cultivars of lettuce. So, I went straight into the office and asked the officials there, for a list of available seed varieties, and he guided us to the notice board. To my amazement there were more than 200 varieties of seeds in the list, and i was hearing the names of most of them for the first time in my life.

I noted down the names of few cultivars of cherry tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and zuchinni. Most of the seed varities here are priced around Rs.5 per gm. That was really a welcome change, because by now I am used to packets of seeds from different nurseries like Nursery Men Co-operative Society in Lalbagh where they are almost heftily priced in comparison to the price here. Also in those nurseries one has no control over the quantity of seeds to buy. Mostly the packets have some x quantity in them and 90% of the seeds from these packets are of no use for a small kitchengardener like me.

Chandrakala, attends to seed purchase request at the DoH and normally, once the orders are placed, it takes half an hour for her to procure them from the seed store(clod store unit). We thought of using this time to just look around the place and that is when we came to know the actual treasure DoH has in store.

We came across one of those shaded enclosures where DoH has a collection of different varities of medicinal and aromatic plants. The collection is just awsome!! with over 40 varities of mdecinal plants available readily for purchase. We had no idea about the usefulness of so many varities of plants available there. Thankfully the attendant offered to help us with a pamplet. The pamplet clearly detailed the name and usage of different medicinal plants in both english and kannada. Overjoyed, we went on a shopping spree and here is a list of few of the plants we bought.

1. Insluin Plant – 2 leaves a day (Morning and Evening for 1 months helps control diabetes)
2. Aloe Vera –
3. Brahmi
4. Clove Basil
5. Camphor Basil
6. Chakramani (Multivitamin plant)
7. Mehendi
8. Mint
9. Balsam
10. Lemon Grass
11. Hipli (Long pepper ??)

Here is snapshot of all the plant’s taking a break before they settle in their new home…

All plants bought from DoH, Hulimavu

All plants bought from DoH, Hulimavu

Apart from these medicinal plants we also bought
1. jasmine
2. Blood Flower
3. Sandalwood

And to my surprise each of the above plants are priced in the range of Rs. 3-6. That’s unbelievable in city of B’lore.!!
With the shopping done, we happily headed home promising ourselves to return here more often.

In the meantime, here are few more pics from my garden.



Peas seedling transplanted into container from plastic glass

Peas seedling transplanted into container from plastic glass

Tomato seedlings

Tomato seedlings

Poi Saaga (Not sure of English name). Used in Oriya non-veg delicacies

Poi Saaga (Not sure of English name). Used in Oriya non-veg delicacies


gladiolus bulbs have turned into these beautiful plants

gladiolus bulbs have turned into these beautiful plants in just 15 days!!

The little papaya plant looks little settled now

The little papaya plant looks little settled now


11 Responses to “Visit to Dept of Horticulture & introduction of medicinal plants in KG”

  1. Prashant Says:

    I was not able to find proper location of this Dept of Horticulture Hulimavu. Could you please give a proper direction. By the way, I don’t have my vehicle. I would be going there by public transport.
    thanks & regards

    • rajapanda Says:

      It’s on bannerghatta road. Make sure you catch some bus which is going atleast till meenakashi temple on bannerghatta road. Once you reach the temple, facing the temple, DoH will be just 3-4 buildings to your right side from the temple. It’s near to the coconut board building (whose board is more prominent). Hope this helps.


  2. Saisree Says:

    Just wanted to say that I had immense pleasure reading the article. I was searching for information on tulip bulb growing when I stumbled upon this blog. Thanks for the detailed information which is very valuable for a new gardener in b’lore.


    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Saisree,

      Welcome to my blog. Glad you found it useful.
      I have never tried growing tulips myself. Hope you get the bulbs.
      Do let me know the details once you have them.

      See you around.


  3. […] But can they bring down such a healthy plant in matter of just a week ? 2. The plant is now almost 14 month old.Could that be the lifespan of this variety ? But i still see lot of small papaya’s towards […]

  4. K.N.Malathi Says:

    Very nice and informative blog. I came across the details of the national seminar on organic terrace gardening in your blog today and tried to register. Alas ! they told me that they are not taking any more new registration , so I missed the chance to listen to specialist in this area and also meeting you and other organic gardeners.

    I also plan to visit DoH based on the information you have provided. I am an amateur gardener and grow some vegetables and ornamental plants on my roof and in my compound . I am also planning to start a blog on this .

    Do you do any composting of your kitchen waste at house ?? if so do you use shredded newspaper ? Is the ink of newspaper toxic ?? Instead of using plastic cups for starting seedlings , I make my own small container using newspaper and the whole thing can be transplanted directly into the bed without removing the plant from the container since the newspaper decomposes naturally.. Hence the above question regarding toxicity.

    I hope you will put up some information about the seminar in you next write-up, in case you attend , along with some pictures if possible.

    It was wonderful reading about your experiments. I’ll be visiting your blog often in future.

    Thanks for the information.
    With regards.

  5. Jeanne Says:

    Raj, the poi saaga seedlings you gave me have grown into healthy creepers and I cooked some for the first time today. The results were delicious, thanks to the wonderful fresh greens and a great recipe from Talimpu. When you have the time, do check out this acknowledgment:

  6. vaishali Says:

    this is really good information. i will definitely visit DoH.
    The plant u have named as poi saga looks to me like basale soppu.We use it to make sambar,dosa,podi,palya,etc.
    It is called as malabar spinach. it is said to be ramabana for mouth ulcers. Can u verify and inform me.

  7. tuba Says:

    i had been to this place few weeks back.. exactly the same experience. seems as if reading my own story!!:)

  8. shyla Says:

    is this open on sundays

  9. prameetha Says:

    Hi how was the quality of seeds you brought from DoH?

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