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First harvest of greens May 27, 2009

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On 25th May 09 we had the first harvest from our little kitchen garden.

The harvest was of these tiny leafy vegetables, what we call in Oriya as Kosala Saaga. I had sown the kosala seeds on 3rd of May and considering the time gap of 22 days the growth wasn’t that impressive, probably the reason being the water logging that we had in the garden during the past few days and also the lack of any kind of manure/compost etc in the soil…

Tiny leafy greens - First harvest from the kitchen garden

Tiny leafy greens - First harvest from the kitchen garden

I was guilty of rushing through the sowing of these seeds even before the builder had completed the soil filling in the garden. The first round of soil filling was followed by plenty of rain and the soil settled a lot more than i had imagined. Hence more soil had to be filled into the garden and for the soil filling to happen, I was forced to remove these tiny leafy greens, else they would have all gone down under the soil.

Anyways, after the initial rounds of ooh and aahs we settled upon making a nice little curry out of these greens along with some potatoes and brinjals. And believe me the curry was very tasty inspite of not so impressive size of the greens. In my bro in laws words the curry was mainly of potatoes and brinjal with leafy flavour 🙂

In my heart I am very happy about my move from being a pure consumer to little bit of creator category. This shift means a lot to me specially after reading Mr. Sridharan’s thoughts on

I loved this quote from his site: Blessed is she in whom the creator and consumer are within reach of an embrance.

This man, it appears, is doing lot of good work and his site is a pleasure to read.


2 Responses to “First harvest of greens”

  1. Annasamy R Says:

    Raj.. Congrats man on first harvest.. I hope you & your mom, wife are too proud of being a creator in someway (atleast a facilatator).. and I know being your own consumer for produce of yours, you need to have a hic.. keep it growing 🙂

    • rajapanda Says:

      Thanks Anna!! I agree facilitator is the right word. Mother earth is the creator of all things here.

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