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Attack of Aphids and first harvest of cucumber July 20, 2009

Probably pests are the single biggest challenge any organic gardener will ever face. Pests are capable of destroying standing crops in matter of days. I got first hand taste of it in the past few weeks.

Aphids eating my hibiscus plant, may be the ant there is tryng to rescue me

Aphids eating my hibiscus plant, may be the ant there is tryng to rescue me

My first encounter with pest in my garden was in form Aphids.
Aphids they were, first in very little numbers attacking my hibiscus plants.
While I was still at it trying to find a non-chemical organic answer to them, their attention turned to my cucumber plants. In matter of days lot of my tiny cucumber were eaten up (sucked??) by the aphids.

Life Sucked out fo the poor cucumber

Life Sucked out fo the poor cucumber

They were all over the place, attacking the flowers buds as soon as they started to show up.

They were everywhere. tracking each new flower bud :(

They were everywhere. tracking each new flower bud 😦

But finally I found answer ( may be non-organic but home based)

That’s mixing a liter of water in roughly 1 tbs detergent powder and edible oil (normal refine) and spraying it on the plant. Not sure if this was organic. Next time i will try with neem oil.

But I must admit it was a pain to flush out the pests by spraying this mix on each affected part. I wonder what organic options would a farmer doing farming in acres of land have against these pests.

Finally all is well that ends well. I harvested the first cucumber. It tasted yummy, the crunchiest i have tasted in a long time 🙂 And what a journey it was from those tiny seeds to seedlings to now these tiny cucumbers and then to my family’s tummy… all in just 2 month’s time.
Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Harvest :)

Harvest 🙂


5 Responses to “Attack of Aphids and first harvest of cucumber”

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  2. Sunil Says:

    I heard ants actually carry these aphids across the plants later to feed on them. I think by now you might already know it.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Sunil,

      I didn’t know that earlier. But I guess it’s basic nature of ants.
      Did you mean to say , that helps propagate the aphids ?


  3. Sunil Says:

    Yes, I have realized ants play major role in increase of population of aphids. I just placed the pot in small plastic tub filled with water to get rid of ants. This gradually reduced population of aphids.

  4. Brandon Says:

    That does sound cumbersome, but I’m glad it worked. Have you tried an organic spray, such as Safer Brand’s Tomato and Vegetable Insect Killer? It targets a wide range of bugs and is safe to use right up to the day of harvest.
    I came across the spray while searching online:

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