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Harvest of Beans, Spring Onion, Capsicum and Palak August 14, 2009

It’s like a dream…to be able to grow my own veggies and may be some herbs and few common medicinal plants without using any chemicals.
Each time I do a li’l of harvest it feels like I am taking a step towards realizing that dream. With just over 3 months of work in my garden mother nature has been very kind (as always) to me and most of plants have started giving very good harvest.

We have harvested Bell pepper, Beans, Onion and Palak in the past few days…

First bell peppers, just 2 of in the first lot on 6th of Aug, here are they:

Capsicum on the chopping board

Capsicum on the chopping board

They tasted good, very different and soft than the ones we normally buy from market.

Some time back I had sowed few beans plant (just 3 of them on an experimental basis) in a single pot. Beans proved true to their reputation of being one of the most prolific producers and perhaps easy to grow plants. In just little over one month they have started giving very good and steady harvest. Compare this with the capsicums which took close to 3 month’s for harvest.

Capsicum and beans

Capsicuma and beans

More beans

More beans

I also harvested few more spring onions in the meantime

spring onions

spring onions



This is what I harvested just yesterday, few palak leaves, beans and 1 capcicum. Almost enough for a curry for 2 of us (added few potatoes in the curry)

Capsicum, Palak and beans

Capsicum, Palak and beans

green peas sowed sometime back are also growing well and approaching harvest stage. Green peas are basically part of leguminosae family which are known to be good for increasing soil’s fertility. They help to make the soil nitrogen rich with their capability of fixing atmospheric nitrogen unlike most other plants. I have put peas in a patch of 3×3 ft, the plants look very dispersed. That’s because seed germination ratio was very low. Peas are creepers, but they don’t grow too tall or strong. May be just 4-5 ft., So I have put this support structure made of string for them. Here are they:

Peas plant

Peas plant

The papaya plant also has started flowering, albeit the very first flower just dropped off without leading to fruit. I have very fond childhood memories of the papaya plant in my native. It used to give us a bountiful supply of papaya, enough not only for our family but also sometimes for our relatives and friends. I am keenly waiting for this one to start producing. For the time being I feed it with regular supply of kitchen organic waste and compost (gobar).

papaya plant

papaya plant


7 Responses to “Harvest of Beans, Spring Onion, Capsicum and Palak”

  1. Great to see you harvest vegetables – what kind of capsicum seeds did you use ? None of our capsicum seeds(from Hulimavu DoH) seems to have germinated at all. Other plants are looking good, but still very early stages! Thanks again for sharing your experiences.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Jayadeep,

      My pleasure that you found my blog informative. I had got the capsicum seeds from Lalbagh (Rs.15/- per pack). I also did not have a very good experience with capsicum seeds bought from DoH, same with lettuce seeds. Only few cherry tomato variety have done well.
      Right now am experimenting growing plants in bright shade (no direct sunlight). The cherry tomatoes, still in early stage, seem to be doing well under those conditions and Palak too is doing good there.


  2. liza Says:

    Great work 🙂
    One question..How do you prevent your dog from chewing on the plants? I have a golden retriever at home who destroys all my plants 😦

    • rajapanda Says:

      Thanks Liza,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Since the plants and the harvest is all still very new(just 3-4 months), our dog (an Irish Setter – Zoya) doesn’t seem to have got the hang of it. I mean she still doesn’t seem to believe that all those all raw vegetables she so loves to eat are actually coming from plants. I remember her amazement when we gave her a carrot (with the leaves) from the garden to eat, and after finishing it she ran back to the place where there were more carrot plants still growing and sniffed them.

      But she sometimes does step onto the new saplings and I am planning to do some kind of fencing around them very soon. For the time being am just relying on her good manners 🙂

  3. Deepa Says:

    This is my first visit to your blog. Nice work and very informative. From where did you buy spring onion seeds?

    Thanks and Regards

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Deepa,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I had planted the spring onions which we get in the market. Didn’t use seeds.

      Hope to see you around


  4. vishalgarden Says:

    Hi Raja,
    Good job! Your experience inspires me in my gardening which I have just started. Are there not new posts? I have few qns.

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