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Tomatoes to Puree September 17, 2009

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It almost impossible to believe that only a few days back, I was thinking, if my tomato crop has fallen prey to late blight attack. Then as one experienced gardener suggested on my blog, it turned out to be tomato rot (caused by over watering or lack of calcium during fruit set) and not late blight. Because late blight typically destroys the full crop and not 1 or 2 tomatoes.

Overall only 0.5 kg of my tomato crop suffered from the rot. But the harvest has been beyond my wildest imagination.

Since my first harvest till today, I have harvested almost 0.5 kg of tomatoes every second day. But now we have reached a point where our consumption (and sharing with friends) couldn’t keep pace with the production rate any more.

So, my wife came up with an idea to make puree out of the tomatoes and store it.

I instantly liked the idea and last weekend did an one time harvest of almost 80% of what was left on the plants.

Here is a picture of the harvest for your visual pleasure…

Tomato Harvest

Tomato Harvest

Just another view in a single container.



And this is what we got after making puree out of it. The puree tasted a bit like the tomato ketchup. Doesn’t it look yummy !!

tomato puree

tomato puree

In the meanwhile lots been happening in the background on remodelling the kitchen garden, visit to the organic mela at lalbagh and Half Marathon at KTM 09 last weekend. Will try keep the blog updated on all of that in future posts. Till then Happy Gardening!!


19 Responses to “Tomatoes to Puree”

  1. It sure looks like a bumper crop from an urban kitchen garden! Tomato sauce is another thing you could try with the excess tomatoes. Our tomato plants are showing good progress and we are looking forward to a good crop.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hey Jayadeep,

      Yes, it is a bumper crop. That to from just 10-12 plants. It’s unbelievable how much mother earth gives us.

  2. Urban Green Says:

    Lucky you!!!! Glad to see people working towards sustainable farming…
    I’m following you, see you around.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hey !!

      Sorry for the late reply. For some reason wordpress(Akismet) had put your comment under spams. Thank God I checked it today.

      Thanks for reading my blog. The fact is am a huge fan of your blog too and read it often. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. vrtlaricaana Says:

    how did you make this puree? Is it thick? Did you add any spices to it? It looks very nice!

  4. Annasamy R Says:

    Raj.. as always your narrative and visual abilities are in display added to your Gardening interest are being enhanced.. You sure going to motivate few people to say the least.

    Excited to see those pictures, reminding of my childhood days where we used to sit on tomatoes basket and hitch ride to market from our farmland 🙂

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Anna,

      I am glad you liked my blog.

      I can imagine, it must be very joyful moments as a child to ride to market from farmland with all the harvest.

  5. Kanak Says:

    Your tomato harvest looks wonderful!!

  6. Kanak Says:

    Raj, thank you so much for stopping by my blog…and for your kind words. It’s a pleasure to see photos of your veggie garden and of your harvest. My small garden lacks the space to plant vegetables on a scale like yours. I have some growing in pots on the terrace. I can only plant tomatoes in Nov/Dec. The last tomatoes are picked in May. The late planting is because I live in a low-lying area and the soil tends to be slushy with all the summer rain. My calculation is usually,a month after Durga Puja.

    Blog on~ and happy gardening!

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Kanak,
      Thank you so much. All my veggies are in little plots of 3×4 ft each. Tomato plot is the largest of them all with a 6×3 ft area. I have been very lucky this time with the harvest (first timers luck may be 🙂 ), probably because this is the first yield from this soil. All of my yield is from roughly 8-10 plants of each variety. Mother earth is very kind, really.
      Best part of growing veggies in Bangalore is, almost everything grows here round the year. Am li’l bit familiar with the Assam weather though having passed out from Jorhat Enggineering College in 2001.
      One more thing, do you think it would be possible to post few seeds of bhut-jalokia from there ? I would be very grateful to you for that.

  7. geekgardener Says:

    Hi Raja,

    Wow, A basket full of tomatoes!!!. Now thats what I call bountiful. I am really excited to see your harvest. Imagine Raja, If everyone produces this much, how beautiful it must be. No one has to buy tomatoes or any veggies for that matter.

    Puree is the best idea. In my home, we did tomato pickle and stored it.

    Sometime back I lost some toms to Blossom end rot. It is also because of too much transpiration through leaf due to heat.

    So what else is growing in your garden?

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi gg,

      You are absolutely right, if all ppl start gardening, the food crisis can be so contained and we all can eat fresh and healthy veggies.

      Right now we have few beans and okra which are in yield stage. The capsicum plants still continue to yield, although the rate of yield had slowed down. I am wondering when they will reach end of life stage. Then there is bitter gourd, lettuce, spinach and coriander. Also there is a lone papaya plant which has started setting fruit. Few herbs like ajwain, lemon grass, brahmi, aloe-vera, and few flower plants complete the list 🙂

  8. Dr Seemaa Rajsingh Says:

    Hi Raja,

    Excellent Blog!!!


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