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Carried few veggies to native October 6, 2009

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As weird as it may sound, but I did exactly that. I carried few veggies from garden to my native.

Oriya’s are really crazy about vegetables. I know of Oriya people who stay here in b’lore and their relatives visiting from Orissa actually bring bags full of vegetables. Nothing significant, right ? Let’s not forget, the distance between B’lore to Bhubaneswar is a good 1500+ km and the train journey takes anywhere between 24 to 30 hours !! That tells something, isn’t it ??

Now I did just the reverse of it. As I have probably mentioned earlier, my mom is crazy about gardening. We keep each other updated about each and every plant in the garden over phone (She doesn’t have net-access 😦 ). But I guess, she would have never imagined that I’ll get her veggies from my garden here. That has more to do with my reputation for liking to travel light. I seriously dislike carrying too many stuff while traveling. But I made an exception this time, just to surprise her.

So, the day I left for native, I did almost a full harvest of what was left on the tomato, capsicum and beans plants. This is what I got.

The yellow one in the middle here actually surprised all of us.

Capsicums, the yellow one in the middle surprised all of us

Capsicums, the yellow one in the middle surprised all of us

Taste of these beans is so unlike the beans we get in the market. The tender and juicy beans almost melts in the mouth. Beans is one plant I would suggest to any newbie gardener. They amply payback the efforts of the gardener.



This is what was left over on the tomato plants after the bumper harvest about which I had posted earlier.



And guess what?? My mom was overjoyed at seeing such good harvest. I could see it in her eyes.


13 Responses to “Carried few veggies to native”

  1. Urban Green Says:

    Simple joys of life! What a good harvest!
    I’ve heard avid gardeners say that one has to be blessed to fetch a good yield. You totally are.
    I’m sure your mum must be ecstatic to see you doing a fantastic job at veg-gardening. Happy gardening!!

    • rajapanda Says:

      Simple joys they are!!

      After seeing these harvests I really feel blessed… hope it continues like that…

  2. puru Says:

    very good yield ….

    BTW where can i get open polinated vegetable seeds in bangalore. i had been to horticulture department on banerghatta road, but they have only few .. any other places where i can get it ?

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Puru,

      That’s a very interesting question. But, honestly I didn’t knew anything about the difference between hybrid and heirloom (open pollinated) seeds until I read one of blog post few days back and you asked me this question. So, I’ll have to look out for them now. Do keep me informed if you come across some source for open pollinated seeds. I’ll also post update here if I come across any.

      • geekgardener Says:

        Hi Puru, Raja,

        All the seeds that you get from BioCentre, DoH hulimavu are OP. Hybrids are strict no-no in DoH. Also, some seed companies like Namdhari have a cultivar or two which are OP. For example, the capsicum variety “California Wonder” from namdhari is a OP variety.

        Most of the cheap seeds we buy are OP. Because producing a F1 hybrid is a difficult job.


        Do you have any specific vegetable seed in mind that DoH didnt have?


  3. geekgardener Says:


    Excellent post and nice harvest. We feel more proud showing our harvest than anything we have ever owned. Isn’t it?.

    Question: What is the variety of capsicum that is in the pic?

    • rajapanda Says:

      Very right. Vegetable gardening is really made worth by the harvest that we get after putting all the hard work.

      The capsicum variety is the normal one that we get at lalbagh. That 15 rs packet with no variety mentioned, just plain ‘imported’ seed is written on top of the packet.

  4. Dillip Says:

    Hi Raj,

    More than the harvest, i liked your enthusiasm to do such a wonderful job. It is not just give some yield to you which monetarily makes a big difference to your pocket but certainly it makes worthy when you spread this message to all over to make a green society.

    To me this green is really amazing as i am living in red sand desert.

    All the Best and waiting for your next blog.


    • rajapanda Says:

      Hey Dillip,

      Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. gardening is indeed a very fruitful hobby. There are so many pluses to it, I can probably spend rims writing about it.

      Thanks for visiting my blog, will keep posting about the garden as something keeps happening.

  5. bangchik Says:

    Anyone will be happy to see such good harvest… excellent job! ~bangchik

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Bangchik

      Thanks you so much. Saw you blog, such a lovely one !! you are doing a truly a great job. See you around.

  6. green thumb Says:

    Your Mom must have felt so proud when you brought for her such nice looking vegetables which you had grown yourself! Its so nice that you have inherited the passion for gardening from her, truly the veggies must have been a real gift for her.
    I too think that OP varieties are better than hybrid varieties as the former tastes much better and are much cheaper.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Green Thumb,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. You are so right about how mother felt on seeing those veggies. After reading few articles about OP and hybrid I now realize that till now i have always been growing OP variety and now i think i’ll continue to do so.

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