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Shopping for garden tools November 9, 2009

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Some 6-7 month’s back, as a newbie to gardening, i spent quite a bit of time and effort in trying to figure out things i needed to buy to start my garden. Along with what to buy, where to buy also was a very important question, for which i needed answers.

Things that needs to be purchased to start a garden will vary widely based on individual’s need. In this post i would like to share my experience in buying gardening tools.

In the beginning i would suggest to take a minimalistic approach towards buying of gardening tools. Take your own time in figuring out what you really need and what you can do without. The more number of items you add, the more time & space they will demand from you.

I started with this very basic tool (on the right side of pic below) costing me some 60-70 Rs. This tool is almost enough for container gardening, or so i thought until i had to deal with ploughing soil in my garden after removing patches of lawn.

Then I badly felt the need for a little long handled plough which will make it easier to dig and prepare the soil. So, i got the one which you see to the left your pic below. This one also cost around Rs. 60-70/-.

garden tools

Those two were almost enough for me until i decided last weekend to add few more tools to make my job easier.

Chickpet has been my favorite shopping place for such items. You get really good stuff there for a very reasonable price unlike most other places in Bangalore.

So, here is what i shopped over last weekend.

Shear Hedge:
shear hedge

I got shear hedge from what is probably the first big brand shop i came across for agricultural tools. They stock products from TATA AGRICO only and have a wide variety of tools with them. I needed this one badly for cutting my lawn grass. A word of caution though, this one is pretty bulky and go for it only if you are ready to physically exhaust yourself handling this.

cost Rs. 330/-

Next is this ploughing tool.
This one is a instant hit. It makes ploughing lot easier and is pretty easy to handle. Cost Rs.140/-.


garden tool

I also got this sprinkler for Rs. 110/- .It works pretty decent upto a radius of 6 ft (the radius will also depend on water pressure). The plastic is not of very great quality but then looking at the price i feel it’s ok.



Next on my shopping list was a seed starting tray. The plastic glasses i have been using till now for seed starting have been very good except for one problem. Keeping there size in mind i have always been putting more than one seed in each of the glasses. When multiple seeds germinate in the same glass its troublesome to separate them while transplanting.

Cost Rs. 25/-


medium sized seed starting tray

On this shopping trip I also came across the street which is famous for having the most number of seed shops in one locality. This locality is near to Majestic Bus Stop. Probably it’s easier to locate the famous Sapna Book Shop and then this seed market is just down the lane from there.

Few of my gardening enthusiasts friends have been suggesting me to collate information on good nurseries,seeds shops and gardening tool shops and put it on my blog. So, I am starting this new page on my blog where i’ll put up information on all such resources that i come across including the ones I have mentioned today in this post.

If you too know of a good resource please feel free to contribute to this page.


9 Responses to “Shopping for garden tools”

  1. How do you go to Majestic/Chickpet areas ? I used to go earlier to these places, but now I am willing to pay extra for something near home.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Jayadeep,

      I prefer going to these areas by bus. Normally i take a bus either to Majestic and get down at State Bank of Mysore stop and just walk down the avenue road Or take a bus to Market and then walk. I guess taking a four wheeler or even 2 wheeler can be messy given the traffic and it’s restrictions in these areas.

  2. Binita Says:

    Hi Raja,

    What Pesticide generally you use for vegetables??


    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Binita,

      Until this last round of shopping i had used only the normal home made pesticide like garlic, pepper, chilli paste( diluted), but i purchased a small bottle of neem oil on my last shopping trip. On reaching home i realized it wasn’t exactly a neem oil. On the bottle the sticker was that of ‘Botanical Insecticide, 10000 PPM, Neem based EC containing 1% AZADIRACHTIN’. I mixed just 2 drops of it in a 500ml bottle full of water and sprayed it on my infected plants.

      To tell you about the sad ending, many of my small vegetable plants couldn’t take this dose of insecticide and died in a matter of 3-4 days. So, am still recovering from that loss.

      I would say always stick to home made pesticides and don’t rely on the ones available in market unless you know what exactly you are dealing with.

  3. Deepti Says:


    How do you use garlic as a pesticide? I mean, how do I use it?

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Deepti,

      I normally grind 1 full garlic in grinder along with 1 tbsp of pepper. Then filter and dilute it in 1/2 ltr of water. Then add 1tbsp of dish washing soap and spray it on the plant. However i have also recently started planting garlic along with all my plants. One can use a single clove of garlic for planting. Hope that will help fight pests along with giving me some harvest of garlic too.

  4. ajit Says:

    could you tell name of few shops in magestic from where you bought the goodies especially the seed starting tray

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Ajit,

      Thanks for stopping by. You could go to Sapna Book Store in GandhiNagar near to Majestic. Just after Sapna Book Store, there is a small shopping complex and in the basement there are 2-3 gardening shops (selling seeds and other garden related stuff).
      The street adjoining that also has around 8-10 such shops.

      One word of caution. I have used these seed starting trays but not very satisfied with the results. The size is too small for the veggie seeds. Because of the size, water holding capacity too is very less causing frequent drying out. May be you should go for a larger size ones of try out plastic glasses.

      I am back to plastic glasses for seed starting and they work well for me.


  5. Manjinder Singh Says:

    Dear Rajapanda,

    First of all thanks for your comment actually we are the manufacturer of this sprinkler. Secondly dear I have visited this blog (Organic Kitchen Gardening and my personal musings)and read your comments on the sprinkler that you purchased from the market.
    Dear kindly suggest us which type of plastic we use to manufacture this product. On the other side with the sugesstion of valued customers we can improve our products quality moreover customers suggestions and satisfaction is very importent for us dear we want to grow with the happyness of our customer.

    Thanks & Regard’s
    Manjinder singh
    Mob:- +91-98 554 94033
    Dated:- 17/04/2010

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