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Ensure proper water drainage for containers. November 26, 2009

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Proper water drainage for containers. Sometimes, a thing as simple as that can make a difference to the plants. The drainage part is particularly important if the containers are in a open to sky place, basically meaning that we don’t have any control over the quantity of water they receive during rains. Unfortunately i learnt it the hard way. I lost few container plants to the incessant rains that B’lore saw a few days back.

First and foremost lesson learnt from that incident was never plant in containers which don’t have holes in them (mostly at the bottom or slightly above the bottom part). Somehow i had missed to cross-check this in the first batch of cement containers, which i got from a vendor on Sarjapura road.

Secondly if you are dealing with soil as your growing medium, then probably a few more precaution like the ones mentioned below might help.

Soil sometimes tend to block the holes in the container there by hindering water drainage.This may not be the problem with other growing mediums like coco-peat,perlite etc… They are more fluffy in nature i assume. I have never used them myself though.

So, this is how one can ensure that the holes in the container don’t get blocked over a period of time.

Place few stones or jellies (as it’s known here in Bangalore) covering the holes.

You can just put enough to cover the holes

Or put a thin layer of it at the bottom.

Then pour sand over it to cover the gaps between the tiny jellies.

Then fill the containers with your soil mix. This will ensure good drainage for your container for a long time. Of course you could use other materials like small pieces of dried coconut husk instead of jellies.


5 Responses to “Ensure proper water drainage for containers.”

  1. great advice… so many plants die from over watering or as you say poor drainage. Carol

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  3. Basant Singh Says:

    I had heard about this technique but you’ve refined it & presented well.

  4. zindagi Says:

    Very informative post! thanks for sharing

    Please check my latest post at

    It would be great if you can be a part of Indian Maali

  5. Very interesting blog, Raja. Amusing too. About the drainage and losing plants due to that, I’ve been there too. I recently lost a gorgeous Jasmine species to the heavy rains too! 😦 Well, we all learn from our mistakes.

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