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Panchagavya the wonder potion available in Bangalore December 15, 2009

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Panchagavya probably needs no introduction.

I first heard of Panchagavya through blog of geek gardener. This was way back in feb 09 when I was about to start my kitchen garden.

In short Panchagavya is a liquid formed by blending 5(pancha) products from the Cow(gavya). Cow dung, Cow’s urine, Milk, Curd and Ghee (and few other things) are mixed together at proper ratio and fermented for about 20 days.

It does wonder to the health of plants and it’s main benifit’s listed as per this site are:
1. Bigger leaves.
2. Denser Canopy
3. Photosynthetic system activated
4. Increases biological efficiency.
6. Trunk produces side shoots (carry Max. fruits)
7. Rooting is profuse and dense and remains fresh for long. Roots spread and grow
into deeper layers.
8. Max. intake of nutrient & water by the healthy root.
9. A thin oily film is formed on the leaves and stems, which helps reducing the
evaporation of water.
10 . Withstands long dry periods due to deep and extensive roots.
11. Irrigation water requ irement reduced by 30%.

But then my search for a source for Panchagavya didn’t give any encouraging results. The only source i could find was in Chennai and getting it from there was always a challenge for me.

Looking at the difficulty in procuring it I made up my mind to prepare it at home but then the difficulty in procuring the raw materials like cow dung and mainly the cow urine always made me postpone that plan.

One fine morning, a month back, I got a call from one of my friend whom I had met in one of the training programs conducted by AMEF.

He informed me that he has come across a good source for the cow dung and cow urine and started preparing panchagavya at home. He offered to give some of it to me.

I wasted no time in accepting his offer and made a visit to his place(near to city market) on a weekend. Since last 1 month I have been using panchagavya given by him. The results are just magical, some of my almost dying plants have revived like they got a dose of life saving amrit.

This friend of mine, name Sai Kiran is a very enthusiastic gardener himself but not much of a good business guy (neither am I ;)). He has this idea that Panchagavya can be sold commercially to people who are enthusiastic about kitchen gardening. I quite agree with him because i’ll be the first one to buy from him.

He requested me to put this information on my blog to spread a word about the same. So, here you go.

We have sat together and arrived at a price per litre which would cover the cost and effort in making this. We think Rs. 100/- per litre (for concentrated Panchagavya) would do justice to the cost and effort. You can buy in lots of 1/2 litre. For application to foliage and soil you need to make 3% solution by adding water.

If you too would be interested to buy it then please drop a mail to sai at You both can then can work out the logistics of collecting the stuff and payment.

Best Wishes for your garden and hope to see it prospering with Panchagavya.


12 Responses to “Panchagavya the wonder potion available in Bangalore”

  1. puru Says:

    Is the cow dung and urine of local cow or hybrid cows ?

  2. sir
    I own 150 coconut trees aged 16 years old and 50 mango trees separately in my two farms at Periyakulam Theni Dist. Tamilnadu. If your panchagavya will increase the yield of coconuts and mangos . Please suggest to us how to use them. Please let me know the price .

    govindan raghu

  3. Jeanne Says:

    I collected 2 litres of panchagavaya from Sai Kiran yesterday and have already applied it to my vegetables growing in pots. Thanks for this contact. I hope Sai Kiran gets lots more customers.

    I found it difficult to spray the panchagavya — it was blocking the spray gun I have. Perhaps I need to filter it some more before spraying. Right now, I just poured the diluted solution into the pots.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Jeanne,

      Panchagavya needs to be applied in 3% concentration (3 ml to to each 100ml of water). Probably once a week or fortnight.

      Once diluted to 3% concentration, am sure you won’t see the problem of blocking of spray gun.

      I too have best wishes for Sai. Hope he continues to do the good work and a very good source of panchagavya for people like and me is kept alive.


  4. Pattu Says:

    Thanks a lot for all the info in your blogs. I am getting to know so much about growing plants. It is so interesting too.
    May be you can write a book with all your experiences. It will be very useful . I will be one of the first to buy it.

    I will contact Shri Sai kiran soon for Panchagavya. Thanks a lot and God bless..

  5. viji Says:

    I would like to have the address and tel no. where panchagavya is available in bangalore for purchase for treatment of psoriasis.

  6. Hariprasathu Says:

    dear Mr. raghu, I am having my fresh lot of Panchagavya ready by February 15th. please let me know if you are interested. 09952028155.

  7. Swati Aiyer Says:

    That was extremely interesting. I heard of Panchagavya from a friend in Chennai 3 days ago. I have a balcony garden and have a few flowering plants (varieties of Jasmine, hibuscus, Brahmakamal, night queen) and would like to improve the flowering. I also have a plant of curry leaves and want to see it growing healthily. Can you please tell me how much quantity will be required for around 80 pots. Also does this support growth of roses?

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