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Two unique visitors to my garden! February 26, 2010

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Probably i should modify the title, and it should read ‘two new members added to family’.

That’s how it looks like going by their activities.

Earlier also I had squirrels visiting my garden, but those visits used to be very secretive taking every care not to alert Zoya (our dog) and mostly they would pass by on top of the boundary wall without risking to come down in to the garden.

But looks like, the bottle gourd plant has given them an excellent cover where the squirrels can stay for longer period without risking coming in direct with Zoya.

On my visit to garden today morning i saw this squirrel on the trellis of my bottle gourd plant. Immediately I ran for my camera and here is what i captured.

I get a feeling these fellows have set up a nest behind the bottle gourd plant inside the pipe duct and are planning to extend their family. Or may this is just the couple’s first visit and they are trying to finalize a property. So, I wish them best of luck!!

Does any one has a suggestion on what the ‘about to be parent’ squirrels would like to have from my garden ? I can surely try growing a bit of those stuff.


8 Responses to “Two unique visitors to my garden!”

  1. saikiran Says:

    Congratulations! on your new addition to the family. Looking at the movie clip, this is what I have got to say. These squirrels are not couples. They are mother and her kid. The one resting on the compound wall is the kid. You could call it a shifting session in progress where the mother squirrels shifts her babies to different places for security reasons.
    The squirrels relish on any sprouting plants and fruits. Guava’s are their favorites.
    But a warning too! Once a family sets in you will soon have trouble with your new plants. They chew up all the newly sprouting plants.
    All this comes from my many years of experience having lived with them. Infact they have their nest right on top of my tiled roof bedroom. They keep running allover during the nights.
    However still, they are real fun having them around despite them having a share of what we have.
    Have good fun! The sound of the cock,s crowing transports me to my village days. Difficult to hear such sound in this city.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Sai,

      Very interesting observation on they being mother and kid. If only the tender and young plants are at risk from them, i can stll manage. In fact am working towards something which will help to solve such problems to my young plants. More on that soon.

      There are plenty of cocks/hens just behind my apartment. It’s a kind of village only 🙂


  2. Bala Says:

    Hi Raja,

    I guess currently the younger one is in my Balcony. Guess it doesn’t know how to get out from the balcony, since its there from yesterday evening. Looks like that guy has not eaten anything till now.

    – Bala

  3. Urban Green Says:

    I love squirrels but let me warn you that they make a mess too. They drive away all the birds and the butterflies…besides, digging into your harvest first 🙂

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Urban Green,

      That’s a huge risk. I can’t afford to lose my birds and butterflies. Hope there is some middle path which these creatures devise for themselves soon and peacefully co-exist 🙂


  4. MItali Says:

    Hi Raj da,

    Good one!

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