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Update on Cauliflower, Egg plant and Carrots March 4, 2010

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Cauliflower, Egg plant and Carrots – those are the 3 things growing right now in the garden.

Out of these three, I have grown only carrots before. Last time I had committed the basic mistake of sowing the carrot seeds very close to each other (A problem typical of sowing very small seeds in beds directly). So, although the foliar growth was very good and healthy the root underneath didn’t get enough space to grow and the carrots were all over the place. Forming various shapes and sizes due to over crowding. Also back then I was little apprehensive of transplanting so couldn’t do much to save them.

This time I have taken care not to repeat the same mistakes again. Have mixed the seeds with sand while sowing for better dispersion and have done transplanting where ever required to maintain at least 3 inches spacing between the plants.
So, keeping my fingers crossed for a good harvest. The variety this time is ‘red long north Indian variety’.

Carrot plants

Next, these Cauliflower were sown around the same time as cabbages, which is around 4 month’s back.

Have to admit they weren’t a great success. For a better part of this 4 month’s the plant remained small in size, showing very little growth. But now they are showing some signs of recovery. In the initial stage they were all heavily infested with caterpillar just like cabbages. So much so that, it had almost become a ritual for me to find and kill the caterpillars every morning.

Growing Cauliflower was a bit experimental because lot of people i know had discouraged me from growing them in a kitchen garden without the use of pesticides and growth supplements. Cauliflowers are known to be big time nutrient hog and very susceptible to pests.


There are around 6-8 of them growing right now and hopefully will be ready for harvest soon. But given the time they took to grow and their pest susceptibility probably it will be long before I’ll try to grow them again at least not until next winter.

The happiest news is waiting for me is in the form these egg plants. The seeds were bought by one of my friend from Delhi and I have seen them growing in their garden. It’s the big, round, black variety and produces heavily. These were seed started some 2 and half month’s back. Growth in the initial period wasn’t that great though probably owing to the colder weather. Egg plant are known to be warm weather crop. With the onset of warmer temperatures here in Bangalore since few days back these plants are showing a good sense of urgency and making up for the time lost. Some have started flowering too. So, fingers crossed in the hope of good harvest from all these 3 in the near future.

egg plant

Just in case you wondering about the thin leaved small plants beside the egg plants. They are garlic plants. I have sowed few garlic cloves from kitchen besides the egg plants hoping the garlic plants will act as deterrent against pests. Don’t know yet if the idea is succeeding but the egg plants surely haven’t shown any signs of pests till now (touch wood). Any garlic harvest will be an added bonus!


9 Responses to “Update on Cauliflower, Egg plant and Carrots”

  1. Asha Says:

    Nice to see your cauliflowers, carrots and brinjal. Your carrot leaves look so luscious.
    I too had carrots and cauliflowers this season. Carrots were a big failure. Cauliflowers came out fine. I had one fairly normal sized one and five small ones. I too had to keep checking the leaves for pests and managed to keep it clean. Btw, you can add the garlic leaves in your cooking too.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Asha,

      Had you used any kind of fertilizer for your cauliflowers ?
      Thanks for the info on garlic leaves. One of my neighbour, who is from Gujarat once told me they make a nice dish out of it. Will try them.


  2. Urban Green Says:

    Wishing you happy pest free gardening, and a good harvest this summer.

  3. geekgardener Says:

    Hi Raja,

    Carrot’s foliage looks so fresh and the cauliflower as well. I am waiting on cauliflower as well its just growing and growing and occupies almost 4 sqft of space now.

    Do post the harvest pictures.. already curious.


    • rajapanda Says:

      Thanks geekgardener,

      You are right about concern of space requirement for these cauliflower and cabbage family of veggies. Since they occupy such huge space so close to ground, it’s almost impossible to grow anything in their vicinity too.
      Let’s hope for a good harvest 🙂


  4. Saty Says:

    looks very delicious, when we will have the party

    • rajapanda Says:


      Cauliflowers have already gone into our hungry tummies. Egg plant harvest should be ready in a another 1-2 week 🙂 Carrots might take longer…
      Party, any time!


  5. […] I had given you an update on their status sometime back here […]

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