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Upcoming Namma Santhe and Gardening Course April 7, 2010

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The next ‘Namme Santhe’ is on Sunday, 11th April’10 . The venue details are same as given out one of my earlier post here. Few snaps from the last Santhe are here .

I don’t have the fliers and pamplets yet, Sorry!! (Will update this same post, as soon as they are available)

But here is one important announcement. This time there will be a stall for little bit of gyan sharing on gardening.

The stall will be manned by one of the most inspiring bloggers i have come across on the subject of terrace gardening – Mr. Mani – The man behind the famous blog http:/// (If you haven’t seen the blog yet, you have missed something), Sai (will be available with Panchgavya in addition to managing his Small Steps stall) and Me.

The course will be free of cost as we two would be trying to do our bit to make this earth a greener place. The organizers of the event have been very kind to allow us a stall to do this noble work.

The event is from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. so, our idea is to have at least 2 sessions for accommodating more number of people and seeding the thought of gardening into more minds – each of 1 hour duration and may be extendible upto 1 hour 30 minutes between this time.

Depending upon the response from public we will schedule the sessions (The sooner you get there the earlier it will start 🙂 ). Each session can probably take in only 20-25 people due to space constraints.

Hope we can conclude the sessions much before the harsh afternoon sun.

One more information : Mani as well as me would have some goodies (seeds & seedlings) to share with people there. If you are a gardener too and would love to exchange your stuff, do come with it. Else, you can pay a small amount for getting those goodies from us. (decided against giving the goodies free because free stuff isn’t valued much, isn’t it?? )

See you there!!


18 Responses to “Upcoming Namma Santhe and Gardening Course”

  1. indrani Says:


    Thank you for letting us know the details. I wish it would have been sooner for me to book my tickets-i wonder if i could get them to bangalore at such short notice.
    Its nice to know that Mr.Mani and you and the other doing something so helpful to the others. I only wish i can make it to this event. Any registration required?


  2. indrani Says:

    Well no tickets available- so wouldnt be able to make it.

    Wishing you luck with the program and hope it goes on well.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Indrani,

      It’s indeed very touching and a huge honor for me (I am sure it is the same for others in the panel too) that you were even contemplating coming down from a different city (you are from hyd, right ?)

      Feel very sorry, i didn’t put this post earlier owing to some uncertainties in the schedule.

      No registrations are required for the event. sorry to hear no tickets are available. See you some other time (may be the next event).


      • geekgardener Says:


        I echo raja’s thoughts here. It is indeed a huge honor to us. We can see your passion for gardening. We will definitely ensure next time, schedules are put up well in advance.

        Happy gardening!.

        • Jeanne Says:

          I will definitely be there and will snap up all th goodies. YOu may have to ration them!

          • rajapanda Says:

            Hi Jeanne,

            Most Welcome. I have just transplanted 20 odd Indian spinach seedlings into plastic glasses and intent to take them to the fair. Hope, they do well and get good new homes 🙂


  3. fungardener Says:

    Hi Raja,

    That’s a great initiative. Congrats to all three of you. You are doing your bit for the nature, must be very satisfactory feeling.

    You may have already thought about it, but just in case – it would help if you could keep some of the containers with growing vegetables and / or the prints from your posts in the stall, this would attract more enthusiasts to a stall which has already become famous by the presence of the special speaker –Mr. Mani.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi FG,

      You are absolutely right about the presense of Mr. Mani. He has been a inspiration to many and we are absolutely fortunate to have the oppurtunity to hear from him.

      We have thought of the idea to carry few containers with us. But the venue is really far both of us and we can’t afford additional expediture on carriage. Still we will try to accommodate few pots which can come in the boot of a single car. But laptops and lot’s of pictures from both of us will be surely there.

      Print from posts – let me check out with Sai, if he can help.


  4. Aarthi Says:

    This is great. I have just been waiting for something like this. I will be there. I have read in geek gardener’s blog that tomato plant can come from a small branch. Is it possible for you to get me a small branch? I have never been able to get the tomato seeds germinate successfully.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Aarthi,

      That’s great, hope to see you there.

      I’ll pass on your request for branch to geekgardener as right now i don’t much tomato plants growing in my garden. I think geekgardener is also planning to come with some tomato seeds from his garden, may be you can try your luck with them, i’m sure they will give you better results.


  5. Aarthi Says:

    Thank you 🙂 See you tomorrow.

  6. indrani Says:


    You must be all exhausted from morning. Hope it was a success. And also hope that you had lots of fun.



    • rajapanda Says:

      Yes, kind of exhausted… the place is almost 25-30 kms far from both mine and gg’s place and it’s getting really hot out there every passing day.

      Had good fun in the training. Hope the participants Aarthi, Jeanne and others too had a good time 🙂


  7. Aarthi Says:

    Hey Raj, I had a great time. Lot of knowledge gathering. Waiting for the weekend to sow the new seeds 🙂

  8. Sumathy Says:

    Hey Raj,
    Great work Raj and GG. Congrats.
    I missed this event! Looking forward to join next time. Waiting for your write up.

  9. Prarthana.S Says:

    I love your blog, even iam an interested person about plants can I get your contact number please??

  10. Prarthana.S Says:

    Hi Iam interested to take up gardening courses..I like this blog..

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