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Steady output from my aubergine plant April 14, 2010

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Wondering what is aubergine ?? Well that’s another name for our dear egg plant aka Brinjal.

I had given you an update on their status sometime back here

They have started yielding and seem are very consistently feeding my kitchen.

About 15 days after my last post on them, i.e., around 23rd of March i got the first harvest.

First harvest - March 23rd

From then on i have been getting a steady harvest of around 1kg (around 6-7 of them weigh 1 kg) every week to 10 days.

Here is one more harvest getting barbecued in local chulha. We made Baingan Bharta out of them and of course the ash from the chulha (after cooling) went straight into the soil beds.

getting barbecued for Baingan bharta

As a kitchen gardener i dream of becoming self sustained and steady harvests like these are surely going to take me a long way to fulfill that dream. I have around 15 plants and right now most of them have just given 1-2 fruits. So, am very hopeful to achieve a good degree of self-sustenance based on their output in the next 2-3 month’s. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying to God to save them from unforeseen damages/pests.

one more harvest

So, far i have not seen any major pests in my egg-plants except for few mealy bugs. The harvest itself is not infected with any insects. That’s without the use of any chemical pesticide. I am just growing few marigold and garlic plants besides them and regularly applying Panchagavya. If you ask me which one out of them is working. Hmm.. Am not too sure.

And here is a video of the dude who made all this possible. I am talking of a bee, who is on duty in my garden. Coming everyday morning around 7 AM and pollinating all the flowers that are there. Can’t wish for better luck than having such a dutiful guy working for me. Thanks bee πŸ™‚

Just in case you had any doubt about how to pollinate you egg-plant flowers with electric toothbrush this is a lesson from the master himself.


24 Responses to “Steady output from my aubergine plant”

  1. Very impressive! I haven’t tried brinjals yet, but I have them on my list once I get a little more confident.

    How much space do you think you need to become entirely self sufficient food wise?

    • rajapanda Says:

      Thanks Bhagwad,

      It will be very difficult to answer your question in one line because of the dynamics involved, although lot of commercial firms say 200-300 sft of garden space would be enough.

      My point is you have to consider these things before one can put a number to the space required.
      1. Your food habit – Do you consume lot of veggies. I do.
      2. Will one be happy just growing the veggies which have quick cycle. Say like beans, tomato, palak etc. I for instance have decided to avoid growing plants which have a long cycle and produce in just one shot for example potato,onions etc..
      3. Growing in soil/containers/raised beds on terrace etc.. I think the output will differ.

      It’s relatively easier to be self sufficient in few items like chillies, pudina, coriander, greens – like palak,indian spinach and other, tomato, beans, papaya (if you have space) than others.

      Hope i have answered your question than confusing you more πŸ˜‰


      • Hmm – this means I can achieve self sufficiency if I try.

        My big fear is that one day suppose there’s a disaster like the flow of oil stops that will break the food supply from the farms to the cities, how will we handle it?

        We depend so much on people and food that we have no connection with whatsoever, and that seems to be shaky to me. So to prepare for that day, I want to be able to grow my own stuff πŸ™‚

        When I came back to India a few months ago, tomatoes where @ Rs. 45/kg. I was shocked since I used to be a Foodworld manager years ago and the prices then were just 5 or 6! So when something like that happens I would like to be peaceful and know I can just grow my own food.

        • rajapanda Says:

          In a certain way today’s urban citizen is far closer to ‘money’ than he is to the stuffs that he really needs to live a healthy and peaceful life.
          Everything that’s really needed is at a premium – open space, good air, good food, good quality of life etc etc… the list of deprivation is longer than the list of achievements.
          It’s only a myth that money can buy everything.
          God help us from something like inflation in Zimbabwae…

          To cut the story short, it’s always a great idea to be closer to the nature. Growing your own vegetables helps in that in a definite way. One then starts being more considerate towards other living organisms in the ecosystem.

          Hope i didn’t bore you with the long piece of thought πŸ˜‰


  2. Chandramouli Says:

    Congratulations on the harvest, Raja! Awesome!
    I spotted a cousin of that bee here in my garden busily feeding on my Purple Basil. These guys never stay like their bigger cousins, but I like their blue stripes – stands out despite their tiny sizes.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Thanks Chandramouli,

      The blue colors looks very nice, isn’ it ?? Today morning only i discovered that there is a honey comb on fourth of my flat block (am on ground floor). Was wondering if this one also has it’s home there.
      This one pretty much does his job like a one hour duty. 7:30 to 8:30 AM, but he doesn’t seem to be liking (going near) my cucumber plants 😦 Hope he considers them too.


  3. sudha Says:

    hey pretty impressive!!

  4. GoodEarth Says:

    Congrats on the harvest Raj! i can image the satisfaction you would have got on seeing the beautiful veggies… Best wishes for your dream to come true soon enough πŸ™‚

  5. Preethi Says:

    Amazing Raj! A kilo a week is like having your own vegetable supplies all the time πŸ™‚ Your wife must be churning out all the yummy brinjal dishes πŸ™‚ And guess what, i am allergic to them 😦

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Preethi,

      Thank you so much. It’s sad that you are allergic to brinjal. You are right, my wife is pretty busy coming up with all new kinds of brinjal dishes.


  6. Jeanne Says:

    That’s a wonderful harvest, Raja. At this rate, you will definitely be self-sufficient where veg are concerned. I’m also impressed by the outdoor chulha.

    I’ve seen the same kind of bee in my balcony but without the results you’re getting. I now know it’s because I’m starving my plants of nutrition, thanks to the wonderful workshop by you and Mani at Namma Santhe. More power to both of you!

    • rajapanda Says:

      Thanks Jeanne,

      It’s wonderful to know that the workshop helped you. In fact I too got to learn a lot from the presence of Mani. Let’s hope our combined effort can make this earth a little more greener and we become self-sufficient in veggies.


      • Jeanne Says:

        Thanks for the reply, Raj. I remember the area where the shop is so will try to locate it by going there.

  7. Jeanne Says:

    Raja, could you send me the phone number of the garden supplies store near City Market? I seem to have lost the card I collected at Namma Santhe that day.

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Jeanne,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. Actually I too have lost the card.
      But I have myself never shopped from that shop and don’t know how good it is.

      Feel free to experiment until you find a shop which gives you good rate and quality of material.


  8. K. Meena Says:

    Hi Raj :

    I am catching up now with reading your blog entries. I was out of action for a month and a half, due to various challenges.

    Congrats on the harvest. Does the plant require transplantation?

    My terrace is full of 4 yellow pumpkin plants, whose seeds you had given me. Sorry for this very delayed update, but I thought it is better late than never. There are two orange shaped pumpkins, about one and half times the size of a medium sized sweet lime. I am yet to take photos, will soon share the same with you. Thanks a lot for your blog entries , my interest in growing gourds is increasing day by day.

    I am facing problems in procuring organic manure and fertilizer. Right now, I am buying from LalBagh , where the compost is leaf-based and vermicompost from DOH. Do you know where we can buy well-rotted farmyard manure? Also, pungamia neem cake and other oilseed cakes of good quality? What is your fertilizer regime like – could you tell me what you use, at what frequency and the quantity? I am unsure whether my plants are getting the right proportion of NPK…

    Meena K

  9. K. Meena Says:

    Hi Raj:

    Pls take a look at my terrace garden pics here:

    Thanks to the seeds you gave me, the yellow pumpkin plants are in good shape and you can see the harvest of 2 pumpkins. Also, the tomatoes, the seedlings here were gifted by Geek Gardener.

    Did you sow the guar seeds I had given you? I notice that at least 7-8 guar plants are required to achieve a decent yield for a family of three. I have taken a picture of the guar plants whose seeds were sown on an experimental basis.

    I have sowed some more seeds last week, but they were washed away by rains, planning to re-try this week.

    Thanks a ton for your inputs on organic manure .

    Meena K

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Meena,

      Absolutely fantastic setup you have made for the pumpkins. No wonder you were rewarded so handsomely. I on the other hand didn’t get any pumpkins but enjoyed a lot of flowers and leafs πŸ™‚

      Unfortunately I haven’t sown the guar seeds yet.


  10. Hank Moyer Says:

    You’ve done it again! Amazing read.

  11. anil mahato Says:


    It was an amazing read and the pictures were great. I have never seen Spinach leaves so big and green. I was wondering if you have any seeds of those spinach.

    Also do u have any seeds of paddy chillies. I would love to grow them on my terrace garden.

    I live in Pune.

    Anil Mahato

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Anil,

      Thanks. I don’t have seeds of the spinach, although i tried seed saving they didn’t come out well. I think i did something wrong.

      Yes, you can have few seeds of paddy chilli. Send me your address at


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