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Growing round radish July 10, 2010

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I must accept i have been little lazy of late in my blog posts 🙂 Honestly I’ve been little lazy even in my efforts in the garden too.

So it’s time to sit back and introspect, what probably causes this kind of laziness once in while in gardening ?

For me the answers that came are:
1. I have been getting plenty of harvest from my garden in the last 2-3 month’s. There has been not a single vacant spot for new planting, so there was very less to do and that induced a little bit laziness.
2. One more reason is sunlight has been less favorable for the last 1-2 month’s. Like i have said before my garden goes through patches of 6 months of proper and poor sunlight.

This season i grew round radish for the first time.
Seed starting was done on March 14th after the usual over night soaking in water and pancahgavya mix. Seed starting medium i used was mix of coco-peat and compost in 60:40 ratio.
By March 20th they were ready for transplant. Here is a pic after the transplant. This time i have tried growing beans and radish in companion as they good companion plants. On the left patch you can see the radish and beans just after transplantation. On the right you can see the green shade net. I use it mostly to give cover to the new transplants for few days if the sun is very strong. In this case the shade net wasn’t required as the papaya plant was giving shade to the transplants for a good part of the day.

round radish after transplant

Here is a closer look just to give you an idea of the spacing between the rows of beans and radish. Of course if one can afford more space it’s better to give it, because the radish has to be pulled from beneath the soil while the beans are still growing, so you don’t want to do any harm to the beans plant roots.

spacing between the radish and beans

Here is the same patch on April 13th. i.e., just one month from seed starting.

grown up beans and round radish

very dense growth isn’t it ??

I pulled out the first radish just to check if they are ready for harvest on May 1st rougly 45 days from seed starting and voila!! it’s ready.

first harvest of round radish

Here is the second major harvest on May 9th.

2nd harvest

We enjoyed some really great muli paratha and also the muli greens which were harvested many times even before the actual harvest. Hope you enjoyed the visual pleasure too !!


5 Responses to “Growing round radish”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    It’s good to see these radishes and the lush growth of your beans. Do post pictures of the beans when they appear.

  2. wow.. i loved them..

  3. Jagadish Says:

    Your use of panchagavya was interesting. Have you also experimented with amrit jal/amrit mitti?


  4. Pallabi(Subbu) Says:

    Hell Raj Bhai,
    Wish you a very happy,greeny and leafy new year.
    I was just going through some organic farming websites and i expolred your blog.Its giving me an immense pleasure that you have grown your garden upto the mark with perfect vision.I am also happy because I did have a small contribution to your evergreen garden(with mausi and bhauja).
    I read all of your information and got to know that you are attending some seminars also.
    Even I also wanted to start up with such kind of garden as to imbibe my interest and passion.
    I am waiting for some tips and more information.
    This saturday i am coming to your garden.

    with best wishes

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