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National Seminar on Organic Terrace Gardening August 1, 2010

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University of Agricultural Science

Some 2-3 month’s back (or is it more?) i received the brochure for National Seminar on Organic Terrace gardening which is scheduled to happen on 9th and 10th of September 2010. Venue is Convention Center, UAS(University of Agricultural Science) Alumni Association, Hebbal, Bangalore 560024.

Although i always wanted to attend the seminar the thought of having to take leave on 2 working days made me defer my decision.

Now with only a month to go and with the knowledge that 10th September is a holiday for Id-ul-Fitar I have finally made up my mind to attend this.

There are 3 important aspects because of which i want to attend this seminar.

1. The first reason is it’s being organized by Dr. B.N.Viswanath, the man who is considered the pioneer of the concept of terrace gardening and his book ‘organic terrace gardening’ is probably one of the very few books on the topic from an Indian context. So, i expect the seminar to be really good.

2. The second attraction is of visiting the UAS campus itself. For the uninitiated UAS campus is one the greenest campus spread over 200 acres of land in the city of Bangalore, probably one of the few bastions of famed Bangalore greenery. My initial introduction to UAS campus was through my friends in the marathon group who were always waiting for a chance to go to UAS for a long run amidst the greenery. I could never make it there always owing to a different reasons but mainly because of the distance (it’s 20+ kms from my home). A bike ride from Bangalore south to Bangalore North on early mornings like 4:30 am held me back always. So, now that i have got a chance to visit UAS, i don’t want to miss it. I plan to travel by my car and will have 4 seats available. If you too plan to travel from Bangalore south ,feel free to drop me a comment to car pool.

3. Third and most important aspect is that of field visits on 2nd day of the seminar. I expect that to be a real good opportunity to meet people who are growing our food and get to learn and have fun.

The last date for registration is 30th August and there is good amount of time if any of you want to register for the event. So, what are you waiting for now ??

Attached here is the brochure for the Seminar. People who are interested to register can fill up this form and send it along with a draft of Rs.500/- (cheque will also do if it’s local- Bangalore) to the address mentioned in the brochure. Dr. Viswanath was of the opinion that he can also make available a account number to which the amount can be transferred online. Please contact him on the number given in the brochure to get more details about the same.

National Seminar Brouchre

Hope to see some of you there!!


17 Responses to “National Seminar on Organic Terrace Gardening”

  1. satya Says:

    Any concrete plan to shift from IT to agriculture?

    • rajapanda Says:

      Not yet!!

      Would love to make the switch as an entrepreneur some day 🙂
      Need to stack up enough dough before that 😉


  2. TIP Guy Says:


    Should we expect to read two posts on your experiences, one for each day?

  3. Smrti Says:

    Thanks for this post. I was also dillydallying with the idea of attending this seminar. But you encouraged me………..I think we will meet there soon!


  4. K. Meena Says:

    Hi Raj:

    I won’t be able to make it due to some professional commitments. Dates are clashing! Hope to get detailed update from you.

    I am growing french beans now. I want to know whether they are creepers , or whether they require staking support like tomatoes. Can you let me know?

    I’m growing yellow pumpkin with success, currently. The leaves are so huge!I am trying out the natti variety, the plant is demanding only in terms of space. We harvested 2 pumpkins, each weighed appr. 10 kg. Hardly any seeds,for its weight. Some more have been pollinated , thanks to bees…

    Meena K

    • rajapanda Says:

      That’s a great update Meena.

      French beans are not creepers. Still they do require some kind of support in form of small sticks tied to the stem as the stem is very tender and tends to break even with the lightest wind.

  5. shobha swami Says:

    hi…just saw your post . Have just moved to Bangalore …am in HSR layout ..planning to also attend the seminar


  6. Deepa Mohan Says:

    I just got this as a forward from someone and I wanted to post the details on Citizen Matters and Metblogs, but alas, the last date for registration is already over…in case people can still register, let me know, and I’ll put up the announcement.

    From where, exactly, will you be going on the 9th? I’d like to come along to cover at least the first day of the event (I am going out of town on the evening of the 9th)…do let me know.

  7. ganesh Says:

    i got know about this seminar couple of days back and heard that seminar is already full :(.

    Is it possible for you to get the book of Dr.B.N.Vishwanath on this topic if they are selling there. I stay in Banashankari II stage and i can pass on the money needed for the same to you before Sep9. please let me know.


  8. Suhas Says:

    Raja, Swami,

    I just followed this thread. I stay in HSR layout as well – I plan to raise a small organic vegetable garden – I have done the groundwork (allocated the space 🙂 I would like to have a visit to get some fundas – if you guys have some time let me know – thanks in advance

  9. Jigyasa Says:

    Totally luvd ur blog… I am planning to start my small garden in my balcony.. Any tips. ? :).. Keep blogging and keep inspiring us 🙂

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