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Strawberry Runners October 10, 2010

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Well!! it’s been quite a long break from blogging. So, let me get restarted with a very small post.

I had got this small strawberry plant from the Lalbagh Flower show. The plant on the left in the picture is that of strawberry and the one beside that is of oregano.

Before this i had only seen a strawberry plant once and had only heard that they multiply through runners. In just 2 months i not only got a chance to see what a strawberry runner is but also have seen my single strawberry plant multiply into 10 via runners.
strawberry runners

As you can see, the runner comes out from the base portion of the plant and it’s length it’s roughly 10 cm in length. The other end of the runner tries to find a landing and once it settles on a landing, root formation starts and at the same time leaves start forming and a new plant is born.

I am now eagerly waiting for the fruits πŸ™‚ Lets see how much time that takes.


24 Responses to “Strawberry Runners”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Wonderful to see this, Raj! Look forward to pictures of the strawberries. While there’s space, try to lay some thin plastic sheeting around the plants. This will prevent the strawberries from picking up too much earth. They will be lying on the soil when they come out and stay there as they mature.

  2. Aarthi Says:

    Hi Raj, how r u doing? I want to thank you so much for the poi sag plants you gave me in the terrace gardening workshop done by you and Mani. The plants have grown very well and we had some harvests too πŸ™‚ I see that the plants are having seeds which turned from green to dark maroon in color. Can I directly sow these seeds? How do I save them for the future?
    BTW, I am waiting to see the strawberries πŸ™‚

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Aarthi,

      That’s very nice to hear, i am doing well. Yah, you can directly use the seeds once they have turned black. However i do not have good experience when i tried storing them. May be you can try saving them once they are completely dried out.


      • Aarthi Says:

        Cool then, I will sow them directly. The last time I stored tulasi seeds, the were attacked by fungus, am not sure if I want to store these. One more question, when I harvest them, I only remove the leaves and not the vines. Can the vines be removed, will they grow again? I am so scared of doing anything to this plant as this is the first success story of my garden πŸ™‚

        • rajapanda Says:

          Hi Aarthi,

          Yes the vines too can be removed, they regrow. Don’t cut the main stem though, otherwise it should do just fine.
          Also, the vines are delicious and are an integral part of many a oriya/bengali dishes.


          • Aarthi Says:

            Then I shal try to cook the vines too next time πŸ™‚ BTW, my tomato plants are attacked by leaf minor, is there something I can do? I tried spraying neem oil but not effect. Now I remove the leafs which get affected. Is there something else that I can do?

  3. GoodEarth Says:

    Whoa! nice to see your post after ages πŸ™‚ hope all is well at your end…
    Good wishes for a lovely strawberry harvest!

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi GoodEarth,

      Ya, its been quite a long break. Hopefully i’l be regular for next few months πŸ™‚

      Good to see you around.


  4. Malathi Says:

    Inspired by you, I went ahead and bought a strawberry plant…looking to repot it over the weekend.
    I had a question regarding your poi saag plant…i have one too, grown in a pot…while the creeper is spreading, the leaves are not green and thick but more yellowish and thin….am I missing on some nutrient? What do you feed your plants?

    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Malathi,

      It could very well be the case. I normally keep feeding my soil with nutrient from my time to time in the form of compost from different sources.


  5. GoodEarth Says:

    @Malathi @Raj,

    from where did you buy the strwaberry runners? available at Lalbagh nursery men co-op?
    is it possible to grow them in containers, considering that they need space to run around?

    • Malathi Says:

      I bought mine from the nursery run by ‘people with disabilities’ in jeevan bheema nagar, 10th cross. theirs are not the healthiest plants you’d find, but that’t the only nursery that i know of closeby which stocks herbs and fruit plants. strawberries are supposed ot grow well in containers. I am planting mine in a wide but not-so deep container

  6. GoodEarth Says:

    Woww thats good! that nursery is quite close to my place… i hav bought plants frm there before. will chk if they hav the strawberry runners now.

    Thanks for the valuable info Malathi πŸ™‚

    • rajapanda Says:

      Yup, they have some really nice plants. This time i got an oregano and strawberry from them from the lalbagh flower show.


      • Malathi Says:

        can you post some recent pics of your strawberry plant? also, the rosemary and basil from the same nursery did not survive….just dried up the moment i added some compost to them…am i doing something wrong…same with my hibiscus too, after the compost, way too many yellow leaves! 😦

        • rajapanda Says:

          Sure Malathi,

          I’ll post some more pics once they start bearing fruits. Right now stage wise there is not much difference from the current pics. Only thing is they are multiplying much faster than i ever imagined.

          Regarding compost i too have faced this situation in the past. Where did you get the compost from ? May be they were not of god quality.


          • Malathi Says:

            Same place that i got my plants from…the people with disabilities nursery. i seriously think i need a plant doctor to visit my place! i usually have a rather lush garden, but of late, no flowers at all…am rather depressed 😦

            • rajapanda Says:

              Hi Malathi,

              I think we all gardeners go through these phases and learn from it. I had faced this once when i had applied compost from kudlu compost factory. Afterwards i just stopped using their compost. Not sure if you can get a plant doctor but keep working on it and keep feeding good things to your plants they will surely recover πŸ™‚

              Best Wishes

  7. GoodEarth Says:

    Hi Malathi,
    i have noticed a marked difference between the “texture” of compost that we get from the nursery at J.Bhima nagar & the compost from Varsha/Lalbagh. i too have a feeling its not of good quality – try changing it

    As Raja says, we all have to undergo this phase in gardening one time or the other… dont lose hope πŸ™‚
    my plants are also not doing well, coz of lack of sunlight in the balcony.. and i cant do anything abt it either 😦 so lets keep trying our best…
    Cheer up πŸ™‚

    • Malathi Says:

      Thanks Raja and Good Earth
      I also guess I’ve been a little over diligent with the watering…am going to starve them for a while and see what happens. Yes, shall look for new compost now πŸ™‚

  8. Dr Waseem Fatima Says:

    Hi ur post are marvellous. I also have terrace kitchen garden and some poultry. Here are few snaps i m sharing with u .

  9. pawan Says:

    hello everyone….
    I was just surfing through for some new ideas for my bonsai and strawberry plants and came across ur blog….good one.
    If u guys need real compost and great varieties of flower and fruit plants visit GKVK on Billari roadupto 03 p.m.
    Wish u all successful gardening.

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