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Betel leaf(Pan) plant January 26, 2011

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On my last visit to my native in Odisha I had the chance to visit a nearby village, Chandanpur. A very small village but very famous for it’s betel leaf or what is popularly known as Pan. The village is famous for it’s tasty betel leafs and even sends them outside the state of Odisha.

The betel leaf (Piper betle) plant is an evergreen and perennial vine and has a reputation to be very a sensitive plant. I had the opportunity to visit on of the plantations and take some photographs and get some details from the owner. So, here you go….

The enclosure that you see is where the betel leaf plant is grown. The enclosure is typically made of bamboo and covered from all sides by mats made out of coconut leafs. If you are just starting to wonder why are they growing on a small mountain like structure, hold on. I’ll explain.

Here is the entry to the enclosure. A typical enclosure is of 1500-2000 sft in size. Inside the enclosure there are rows of thin bamboo sticks meant to support the betel plant vine.

Each stick will support a single vine and as the plant grows it will be meticulously entwined on the bamboo stick. It takes roughly a year for the plant to grow and start yielding. However a plant can keep yielding for many years, roughly 20-25 years. amazing, isn’t it ??

The mountain like structure you saw in one of the pics above is formed because of top soil addition which is added every year. The enclosure is first made at ground level , however with passing time/years, top soil/ash is added to the roots of the plant almost covering the base resulting in a mound or this mountain like structure.


22 Responses to “Betel leaf(Pan) plant”

  1. Pattu Says:

    Amazing! First time I saw how the plant is grown in farms.

    I would like to ahve one plant at home. Hope to get one in the near future. πŸ™‚

  2. vinod kumar chaurasia Says:

    respected madam
    i wanted to know following few information if you can help me.
    1. is pan growers are from particular cast (name the cast of the growers)
    2. few address of cultivators
    3. if there is some organization of pan growers plese send name and address
    thanking you
    vinod kumar

    • Arup ghosh Says:

      we are from kolkata.we are mainly farmer of pan.we want to supply our product (bangala pan)other state.if any body can any source for us, we have to success our planetions. if any order of regular please mail me at

      • Celestin Dkhar Says:

        Hello sir can u help me to get mitha pan tat I can grow it in my home plz help me to get it I will be great full to u…contact me 08729800207

  3. Morgan Says:


    Very nice blog you have! It’s fascinating to read about someone attempting organic gardening in the city. I’d love to try more gardening myself, but suffer from a lack of balcony space. πŸ™‚ I’ve left a comment to your questions on my blog…click on over to read when you have a chance.



  4. pratima Says:

    Hi, thank you for sharing about the plantations. I’ve read a couple of your posts and meaning to enjoy your earlier posts too. Your blog is wonderful!

  5. Orgainc Soap Says:

    I want to share more information from my daily life. Betel leaf is very useful to cure various diseases. Betel plant is a plant that is shaped like a heart and has a line in the middle leaf and betel leaf is famous for its properties that can cure various illnesses, from nose bleeds (bleeding from the nose) until the diarrhea and sore teeth. Take one sheet of betel leaf and then roll out while in the press for its oil and then use to clog the nose or nose bleeds.

  6. dobighazameen Says:

    Hi raja… interesting write & snaps about Betel leaf growing. Hope you are well, since ithere are no updates since Jan. Regards, Arjun

  7. Tax Savings Says:

    Hey, thats cool! Organic farming fascinates me. Good to know that you try your hand at it. In the current scenario where pesticides pollute and harm the environment, organic farming is the only saving grace. Any it is quite a profitable business as well!

  8. Marvis Laugen Says:

    Nose bleeds are mostly caused by too much heat. Most of the time it can be remedied by cold compress. .,”`.

    Warmest regards

  9. Tobias Lesueur Says:

    Nose bleeds can be caused by benign conditions such as too much heat or exposure to the sun and also it can be caused by more serious ilness like cancer.;

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  10. srrao Says:

    excellant article

  11. Nadeem Says:

    I am living in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra Konkan region. I need few information about Betel leaf (Pan) plant.
    I am planing to grow Betel leaf(Pan) plant. but where I found Betel leaf (Pan) seed?

    If you know where I get Betel leaf seed please send me address and contact number. Email me.

  12. Louise Ahmed Says:

    I have enjoyed reading your grow log, I am based in the U.K and do container growing, mainly chillis, lettuce, dudhi, and aubergine/brinjal. I do like paan plant vine, but cannot find a plant only the pre cut leaves are sold here. Is there anyway i could order a small paan leaf cutting about 6-7in long vine with roots attatched preferable. I would pay of course. There was someone selling on ebay, but the plant picture did not resemble the dark green leaves of Paan or piper betel leaf.
    , i think he was selling the thailland version which is not the same, much paler in colour and not the same taste. Please let me know if you are able to post out in a padded packet to UK would be very much obliged.

  13. Roko Says:

    Love the organic farming, your blog really makes sense into today’s world of organic planting of vegetation. particularly interested in the betel plant that you have posted. Wish i could get hold of some betel plant so that i can plant them in my backyard. Would really appreciate for the favour.

  14. Kapil patil Says:

    I am living in Jalgaon Maharashta. I need few information about Betel leaf (Pan) plant.
    I am planing to grow Betel leaf(Pan) plant. but where I found Betel leaf (Pan) seed?

    If you know where I get Betel leaf seed please send me address and contact number. Email –
    Mob no – 08698072222

    • Hi

      This is Nadeem have a information where you get betel leave plants.
      Kapil. its not comes seeds its grow with one leaf & with little stem, Please Contact Mr. ARUP GHOSH He has 4 type of betel leaves.
      1) Bagerhat : test like chilles most of people like to use for eat.
      2)Bhavna : Test like grass mainly use for medicine. but eat also.
      3)Mithas : Test sweet. Mostly people like for eat.
      4)Ghanogant: Test very little neem mainly use for medicine.

      Please Contact us at 9849368099 or 9051133901 anup at kolkata

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