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Am Back February 24, 2012

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It’s been a really loooong time…. Close to 13 months !! And I’m finally posting a blog post.
No excuses, but the time just …

Lot’s of new development in life. We are blessed with a baby boy in Feb last year. And I have taken up a job in Taipei, Taiwan(Chinese Taipei) since last July. The garden (apartment) is now given on rent. So, you see! there are some valid excuses for not putting the pen to paper (hand to the keyboard!).

Last weekend i just happened to visit a Strawberry farm in Taipei and thought of sharing few pics with you all. So, here you go.

View from top of a Strawberry farm

Container grown, feels like it does a much more efficient use of space. The farm is promoted as a tourist spot and is located on a hill (Taipei is surrounded by lot of small hills). So on weekends/holidays one can find lot of people going there for a walk/trek, picking up strawberry on their own (paying the owner on their way out of the farm) and having a good time…

Here is what i picked for myself… Looks yummy, right ?

To me it looked like the farm is owned by lot of small farmers, who also allowed visitors to pick their choice of greens and vegetables.

And finally here is the dragon bridge 🙂

Hopefully i’ll do more post about Taipei in future.