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Am Back February 24, 2012

Filed under: Organic Farming and Kitchen Garden — rajapanda @ 2:33 pm

It’s been a really loooong time…. Close to 13 months !! And I’m finally posting a blog post.
No excuses, but the time just …

Lot’s of new development in life. We are blessed with a baby boy in Feb last year. And I have taken up a job in Taipei, Taiwan(Chinese Taipei) since last July. The garden (apartment) is now given on rent. So, you see! there are some valid excuses for not putting the pen to paper (hand to the keyboard!).

Last weekend i just happened to visit a Strawberry farm in Taipei and thought of sharing few pics with you all. So, here you go.

View from top of a Strawberry farm

Container grown, feels like it does a much more efficient use of space. The farm is promoted as a tourist spot and is located on a hill (Taipei is surrounded by lot of small hills). So on weekends/holidays one can find lot of people going there for a walk/trek, picking up strawberry on their own (paying the owner on their way out of the farm) and having a good time…

Here is what i picked for myself… Looks yummy, right ?

To me it looked like the farm is owned by lot of small farmers, who also allowed visitors to pick their choice of greens and vegetables.

And finally here is the dragon bridge 🙂

Hopefully i’ll do more post about Taipei in future.


18 Responses to “Am Back”

  1. gardenerat60 Says:

    Congratulations and welcome back!

    Beautiful pictures, lovely strawberried, and information. Please do write about Taiwan.


  2. Swati Sapna Says:

    Good to see you back on the blogosphere! Hope you start a kitchen garden in Taipei now and continue with the blogging 🙂

  3. Hello!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations for your baby boy……….I’m amazed to see you doing organic kitchen gardening. Just going through some sites for tips on gardening…saw this and could not stop to comment…It’s lovely..And your writing has always been a pleasure to me:) gud luck!!!

    I love gardening too…will be happy if you suggest something on how to manage gardening in the corridors.

  4. good to see you back with your blog
    keep writing about your experience

  5. SARITHA.O.T Says:

    hi raj
    i am happy to see u back…you had inspired me a lot.dont leave ur gardening.keep writing,..and congrats and and wish u all happiness in life
    saritha from hyderabad

    • kumari Says:

      Really Nice to see u back!! though u didnt blog for 13 months..

      still i used to go to ur blog when i used to grow veggies that u had already grown!!

      hope u post more posts regarding farming practices in taiwan!!!

  6. Pallavi Says:

    Nice to See you back Raj Bhai..
    I always look for a new post from your Blog and today very much excited to see you back with lovely pics and lively writings which gives a fresh flow of blood within…

    convey my love to Swaraj and Bhauja

    Keep up the inspiring work..
    with luv,

  7. Pallavi Says:

    raj bhai,

    i was looking for good blogs and saw a blog where she has mentioned about you and your blog:
    here is the link..

    really feeling very thought to share…

  8. Boxtree Says:

    Great blog, we are also trying to spread the organic, eco friendly and fair trade mantra across India and hev started a website called Do visit!

  9. Groveflora Says:

    Congrats and Best Wishes to you on your new job at Taipei! also promotes going organic and their free monthly newsletter does an awesome job in showing gardeners on ways to go organic using terraces and limited apartment spaces!

  10. Hey, Great Stuff! I am a new Gardner and a new blogger myself. do check my blog


  11. xyz Says:

    Hey….have u stopped blogging?? waiting to read your next blog….what’s wrong??do reply…

  12. maya Says:

    Hello raj!
    I am very inspired by your vegetable garden.
    Since you lived in bangalore maybe you can help me.
    I only have a terrace to cultivate.
    though I have a small strip of land at the bck, as there is hardly any sun plants do not grow properly.
    1. Where can I find sand?
    2. Where can I find non-gmo seeds?
    3. Flocks of very tiny white flies infested my curry leaf plants. Snd from there it spread to yhe guava tree. So I chopped down all three. Even chemical fertiliser didnot solve the problem. Any remedies?
    Do you know anybdy to set up the garden for me on my terrece.
    I want to grow vegrtables.
    Thank you very much.

  13. Urban Green Says:

    For all the terrace garden enthusiasts Urban Green has come with Krushi which is a compact kit containing all the equipment and items required for you to start gardening. Try it now and to know more visit

  14. Benit Says:

    Its always never late to come back and this is a great come back/// I want to be a booster to kick start your blog once again. Requesting you to join my blogging marathon on growing simple kitchen garden veggies which u can grow in your balcony
    please register with us to be a part of this event

  15. Jigyasa Says:

    Hi Raj, Very inspiring blog indeed. You mentioned about paint boxes in your blog to grow plants, It may be a stupid Question, but do we need to make holes in those containers ? I am a beginner but very excited to start gardening 🙂 Keep writing as your blog is very inspiring for people like me 🙂

    • rajapanda Says:

      Sorry for a delayed reply. Yes, we should make 1-2 holes at the bottom to make sure there is way for the excess water to go out. Thanks for the good words. I am humbled. Plan to be back to gardening and updating the blog soon.

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