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Back In my Garden after 5+ years February 7, 2017

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It’s been nearly 5 years and 8 months since we moved to Taipei from Bangalore. While moving out, i knew, it’s going to be long term. So, i deliberately looked to rent out the place to people who are interested in gardening. Hoping, they would best utilise the garden and can grow veggies and flowers. This is what i returned to, now.

My family is back in our beloved house and garden and very happy at that .We now have a junior gardener in the family, my 6 year old boy, who shows lot of interest. I am still travelling between here and Taipei.

I was in Bangalore for 2 weeks and wanted to set up the garden and hope it can be maintained by the young gardener and my wife.

Good to see the compost-er passing the test of time. It’s been about 6 years now. It was immediately put to use.

Sad news is, due to a new building which has come up on the backside, garden has lost access to the morning sun. It get’s sunlight only after 10:30 AM till evening in this winter. Will need to see the sunlight in summer. It will differ.


As a first step, I cleaned up some plants and further intend to cut the banana tree , once this fruit is harvested. Main reason is, i don’t like this variety of banana much and i don’t want it to block the sunlight for other smaller veggie plants. Pomegranate tree will remain for now. Curry leave tree was downsized, current size is enough to support my needs and even the needs of all apartment in my block (16).

Soil Quality

Soil has become very hard due to long period of no watering. Also, rats and snakes have setup a network of paths under the garden. Other side of the garden is still a large piece of very thinly inhabited land. So snakes and rats are plenty. I assume rats have dug up holes from other side of the boundary to the garden and snakes continue to use those paths for coming in. So the soil has to be loosened up properly & good quantity of organic material needs to be added to it. Bought 2 bags of horse manure and organic manure from Lalbagh for that. As a protection against snakes we have planted “nagadalli” plants across the garden.

Soil Erosion

The natural slope of the garden is towards the boundary wall and the drainage system is setup near the boundary to make sure the rain water drains properly in this closed place. Builder had provided a green grass carpet for each garden and earlier i was kind of making small chambers in that for growing veggies. You can see pictures of that in this DIY drip irrigation post. The thick grass around was helping to make sure top soil erosion won’t happen in rains or while watering. I don’t have that luxury now and i don’t want to grow the green carpet again, as it was too much to maintain (pesticides, more watering etc..).


So i have decided to use raised bed gardening to solve this problem.

Raised bed are easy to maintain, soil remains relatively lose in the bed and erosion is less of a problem due to the protective wall around the loose soil. I used, semi-hard plastic sheet easily available in most HW stores to setup the first few raised beds and see how the experiment turns out. width of about 6 inch was enough for this. 2 inch below the ground and 4 inch above it.


While ploughing the garden for the raised bed, i came across lot of networks holes of rats and used lot of water to fill them up. Hope they are closed and rats got a message, the garden is not abandoned.

Seeds Sowing

Bought some seeds, which i think can grow easily and won’t need stakes. Beans, brinjals and capsicum topped the chart. Missed buying some greens, but used methi available at home to grow some methi greens. In about 10 days, this is where we are:


Oh yes, covered up the banana.

Please excuse the typos and small grammar mistakes, in future i intend this to be more of a photo blog with less writing (to save time). See you next time. Do leave comments.


6 Responses to “Back In my Garden after 5+ years”

  1. Your blog is very informative and interesting. I read three posts till now, and loved all of them! The one on Horticulture Dept was nice. The one on drip irrigation and KR Market was excellent information. I will definitely be going to the place you’ve mentioned near Juma Masjid. This article too had a good info on semi-hard plastic sheets, but I’d like to know more about where you purchased it from, at what cost etc, dimensions of sheet purchased etc. Please do let me know!

    Thanks again!

  2. I had read your last 2012 post and gathered a lot of information. I really felt sad thinking that you had left Bangalore forever. Happy to see you back again and your renovated garden. Happy & successful gardening.

  3. Aparna Roy Says:

    Welcome back! I really missed your posts. Looking forward to reading them regularly.

  4. Shankar Says:

    Your blog is super useful. I’m personally glad that you’re back to Bangalore. I found your post on drip irrigation particularly useful. I’d like to set one myself for my terrace garden. Will you be able to help?

  5. This is really a nice article. Good job. Hope this would have benefited many

  6. Khaja Moin Says:

    During pandemic gardening was my best friend to reduce my stress. Thanks for share your experience. Its great to see you’re back to gardening after years.

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