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Garden Resources November 9, 2009

Indian Trading Company
#17, Shantappa Lane,
S.J.P Road Cross, Bangalore 560 002
Ph: 22275108, 41323068

Items bought:


Purchase date: 7th Nov 09, Price 330/-


Purchase date: 7th Nov 09, Price 140/-

Sun Agro Seeds
Shop No.3, Saraswathi Lodge Buildings,
3rd main, 2nd cross, Gandhinagar,Bangalore – 560 009.

Items bought:


Purchase date: 7th Nov 09, Price:25/-


Purchase date: 7th Nov 2009, Price: 110/-

PanchaGavya @ Bangalore
Rs. 100/- per ltr minimum purchase quantity 1/2 ltr.
Contact –


13 Responses to “Garden Resources”

  1. Sumathy Says:

    Hi Raj,

    Good and useful information. Thanks. Now you need to add the terracota tiles, pot, and red soild details too…:-).


    • rajapanda Says:

      Hi Sumathy,

      Thank you so much for reminding me. In fact there are quite a few things to be added to this list. I’ll do it soon. Watch out!

  2. GreenDreams Says:

    hello sir,

    I stay in Koramangala.
    Do you know any nearby place from where I can get coco peat?

  3. Rajee Says:

    Hi Raj,
    do you have any idea where I can get these in Chennai? I have googled.. asked people.. couldn’t locate a store here in Chennai. 😦

  4. Manjunath H Says:

    it is really good blog, putting your experience about organic garden is great and useful
    if you are interested please see my blog

  5. shekhar Says:

    Hi! raja stumbled oops on u’r blog found very practical n educative 4 d beginner healthy habit…. keep it up shekhar,lucknow, U.P

  6. pallavi Says:

    hi where did you get cocopeat from? is it available in delhi? is it very expensive?

  7. Lovely blog Raj – came here form Pattu’s terrace garden. very inspiring! Keep up the great work!

  8. rema Says:

    A wonderful blog! Has made me really interested in taking up this wonderful hobby

  9. Ghanshyam Says:

    Than k you very much. Its a very good attempt to help others who are interested in gardening andhave no knowledge in this new area

  10. lakshmi Says:

    hai raj thank u so much .it helped me a lot.can u suggest a place in Hyderabad where i can get the things as hyd is the place bit near to me even though i live in guntur(a.p)pls keep it up.i want to know where i can get good seeds,

  11. javed shaikh Says:

    Hi there,

    thanks for the information, I need your help regarding some tips on gardening flowers. I have taken some responsibility of beautifying our Apartment garden area.
    The place which i have selected is the entrance of our club house, and light sunlight is only for 2 hrs from 10.30 to 11.30am. I can add images for ref. Kindly let help
    me with what kind of flower would look beautyfull 😀

  12. Mrs. Meera Krishnan Says:

    Hello! thank u very much for the information abt.Department of horticulture. I am new to Bangalore and I was trying to
    get in touch with some horticulturists to develop a very small piece of land.I will be visiting this place soon as it is not far from my residence. Thanks once again.

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