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Paddy Chilli October 17, 2010

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This is a variety of chilli which is famous in Orissa and Assam belt. We call it ‘dhana’ lanka in my mother tongue.

As you can see it’s hardly 1/5th in size of the typical chilli.

But, don’t go by it’s size, each of these chillies is as much hot as a normal sized chilli.

Chilli contains capsaicin, an alkaloid substance which makes it hot to taste. Did you know that there is a scale for measuring the spicy heat of the chilli? The scale is called scoville sacle . As you can see in the link, Naga/bhoot Jolokia (jalokia meaning pepper in assamese) from India is at the top of the table.

This variety of chilli is also a prolific producer and just 1-2 of this plant would make a family of 2 self sufficient for their chilli needs.
Take a look at the plant

Each week i have been getting a handful of harvest from this from plant, almost sufficient for my families needs.

I somewhere read that chilli plants in a kitchen garden will do well if they are kept close to a wall which receives sunlight because of the warmth they get from the wall. I think it works, as I have 2 chilli plants in pots in such location and they have been doing well since almost a year now. Also, chiili is a very hardy and low maintenance plant which makes it an absolute must in a kitchen garden. Do get in touch with me if you would like to have some seeds for chilli plant.

This weekend i have worked on setting up a drip irrigation system for my kitchen garden especially to take care of the watering needs for my garden when am not around for longer periods. Next post will be on that, stay tuned 🙂

In the meanwhile there is an announcement for people who have interest on permaculture. There is a course ‘Permaculture Design Course’ in Darjeeling from Nov 14-28th!
Please find attached these 2 documents giving more details on the same.
1. PERMACULTURE_form_2010-5
2. NovPDC_Darj