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Kitchen Gardening – Training from Dept of Horticulture March 20, 2010

Today morning I made a visit to DoH (Department of Horticulture, Hulimavu) for buying some compost for my kitchen garden. What caught my attention was a group of people gathered near one of the shade houses, it was obvious they were listening keenly to someone. I went near them and stood behind the crowd, one person was was describing the finer points of vegetative propagation like grafting etc… I said, Wow!! that’s exactly what i was looking for. But unfortunately the talk was already coming to an end and the crowd was moving into the office of DoH.

I found out that DoH conducts such classes on a regular basis, but alas! so many of us wanting to learn more about gardening don’t even know about it. So, typical of govt organizations ways of advertising things. Anyways lets keep the cribbing part for some other time.

I requested the course instructor to allow me to join them from then on and he readily agreed to my request.

It was a 2 day course from 19th-20th March and the topic was kitchen gardening ( I attended the 2nd half day 2) but apparently they were conducting a very in-depth course giving plenty of useful details. Take a look at the course agenda:

Day – 1
10:30 to 2:00 – Establishment of Kitchen & Ornamental gardening – an overview.
2:3- to 5:00 – Seed saving, potting, re-potting of kitchen & ornamental plants and practicals

Day – 2
10:30 to 2:00 – Propagation of plants
2:30 to 3:30 – Synchronization of medicinal plants in kitchen gardening.
3:30 to 4:00 – Organic input production – Biofertilizer, vermi compost, bio digester etc..
4:00 to 4:30 – Kitchen garden and organic farming
4:30 to 5:00 – Interaction and valedictory (yes, you got it right, they were giving certificates too !!)

And guess what, all this was for a course fee of just Rs. 100/- and they were treating their guests (students) royally with a very nice vegetarian lunch and 2 teas in between sessions. Full ‘Paisa Vasool’ !!

The sessions I attended were very well organized and made lot of sense. I can say this is the first training in Bangalore that I found worth of the money and time. Apparently there were 32 people attending the sessions and every one seemed happy about the course content and the way it was organized.

Now the crib part. Surely the organizer are not able to do the kind of job they would like to do about advertising this course. In fact a gentleman among the course participants raised this very question. Trying to get this kind of thing advertised in a daily newspaper from a govt org. takes lot of effort as it costs money which is paid by another on and so forth… the story goes on. So, yours truly is trying to do his bit about spreading the word about such things.

DoH conducts lot of such courses and apparently spends money from it’s own budget in conducting them. BUT they only contact the past participants for spreading out such info. Pity, absolute pity!!

So, i’ll try to do my bit in spreading a word about such courses in future. I hope more people can attend such kind of workshops and get into organic kitchen gardening.

And lastly, I got my certificate too 🙂 One, after a long time…