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Few snaps from Namma Santhe March 11, 2010

So, here are few snaps from Namma Santhe. These snaps doesn’t provide a complete coverage as i was busy seeing stalls and enjoying the Nature food workshop. Nevertheless it gives one a basic idea on what all was in store at Namma Santhe..

To start with there was this old gentleman dishing out his pottery works on demand(literally).
A potter making pottery

If you had any doubt, whether the pottery were selling or not look no farther than the hand of this lady. This stall is from “Small Steps” – selling nice colorful light weight bags (you can see the bag to the right of the pic) for just Rs.100/- hoping to make a difference by encouraging the use of cotton bags instead of plastics.

Small Steps...

There were many stalls selling organically grown food materials like banana,coconut,jackfruit,black pepper and many more items…

Vegetable stalls

And there was some entertainment too in from of music from this troupe. Sorry, i don’t know the particulars of the troupe. May be some one can help here.

music performance

Here is the delicious lunch being prepared by experts conducting the nature food work shop. So, you guessed it right, they are not cooking anything here, just mixing so many commonly available food items into one great mixture. And it was yummmm… you bet! Had a great session from these guys with they selflessly passing on their wealth of knowledge of Indian traditional food and health practices.

Last but not the least, the gardener connection… After hearing about Sahaja Samrudha since so long (almost a year – since i started gardening) i finally got a chance to buy few seeds from the Sahaja Samrudha stall. The seeds are long Okra, Lavanga Tulsi, Chakotha Green Laves(great source of iron), Egg Plant, Lettuce, purple red beans and mullu badane (a type of egg plant ??). All are organically grown seeds as you probably can read from the label. Best part is all this 7 type of seeds cost me just 35 rupees (5 each packet). Well, that’s something i have been looking for since long time – affordable seeds for kitchen gardeners. Lavanga Tulasi seeds too make me equally happy as I have been thinking of planting 1-2 tualsi plants in each of my soil bed/patch for some time now to try and experiment on their pest repellent abilities. So, lets wait and watch 🙂

The gardener connection!