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New seed starting… October 19, 2009

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Am embarking on a new season of veggie growing. Like I had written in my last post, I have bought a whole lot of seeds from my native and there is no way i can wait longer before trying them out.

Most of the seeds I have bought are to be soaked overnight before sowing. One thumb-rule I generally apply is, if after one night of soaking any odd seeds are floating around, they are probably no good for germination.
So, here you go,

In the order of left to right and within each row from bottom to top they are: Cabbage, White brinjal, Peas, Cauliflower, Ridge gourd, Chillies, Onion, bottle gourd, Black Brinjals. This is the first time i realize that the so well known Black Cumin Seeds (kalonji) popularly known as kala jeera in eastern part of India is the same that I call here as Onion Seeds 🙂

I normally seed start in the plastic cups that you see here in the pics. The seed starting mix is sand,red soil and compost in 1/3 ratio. I make a small cut at the bottom of the cup for drainage. So far, all the seedling are doing good except the ridge gourd which didn’t germinate. The germination ratio is close to 70-80% in all of the varieties and even 100% in some cases like that of peas.

But looking at germination ratio and the number variety i have seed started some of seedlings probably will never see the full cycle of life. How unfortunate 😦 ‘deep sigh’. Any one in b’lore interested to give shelter to few brinjal, cabbage and cauliflower seedling are always welcome.Please drop me a mail and am sure something can be worked out.

In the meanwhile the seeds are turning into seedlings I am working on the soil and preparing the containers, the new ‘adobe to be’ for the tiny seedlings. For keeping my kitchen garden organic and free of any chemicals I’ll be trying to keep my soil nourished by feeding it with, what is locally available to me. It will include vermi-compost, gobar, all the dried leaves i have collected so far from my garden and li’l bit of powdered charcoal.

Since ladt 2-3 days there is something strange happening with butterflies in my garden. They have almost tripled/quadrapuled in number. I wonder if it has anything to do with the pollution caused by all those firecrackers on Diwali ? I only hope and pray for their well-being. They are such lovely creatures. On that note here is a picture of caterpillar I had taken sometime back in my garden.